Struggling to find a planner who understands the needs of your membership?

Helping you fulfill both the technical elements of your program while making sure the logistical requirements are respecting the spirit of your meeting. Our team understands how to balance groups need for a warm, inviting, reasonably priced facility with hotels’ appetite to find groups in key time periods.

We know and understand how hotels and conference centers operate and will use this knowledge to your advantage of securing first class arrangements at reasonable costs for you and your members.

Services for Religious Gatherings

Venue & Accomodations

We have relationships with hotels and resorts across the country, and one of them will fit perfectly with what you’re doing.

Interactive Youth Programs

Pulling together a successful youth program involves more than just getting the kids there. We help you keep them interested and involved while getting your message across.

Full Support Management

We’ll schedule organize your venue, accommodations, coordinate your meals, speakers, transportation, and vendors, and be on-site to make sure your gathering is worry-free.

Communication Coordination

Your congregation will feel taken care of in every way, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. We’ll keep them informed before, during and after the event.

Family Fun Activities

We understand that many families will be enjoying the meeting locally for family vacations together. We make sure to have information ready to make their planning easier.

Financial Reporting

We understand how important your budgetary goals are and work with you at each step to meet those goals and have clear reporting through reconciling the event.

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