Member management beyond events

Associations find value in our core competencies on a regular basis. From organizing to financial reporting to marketing, our team can handle everything related to the administration of your association.

  • Management of membership databases.
  • Board meeting coordination.
  • Minutes for board meetings.
  • Financial management of membership dues.
  • Payment of expenses.
  • Financial accounting.

Services for Associations


We have relationships with hotels and resorts across the country, and one of them will fit perfectly with what you’re doing. The compensation we get from them eliminates service fees.

Contract Negotiation

Our reputation precedes us whenever we go into a negotiation with suppliers. We have the clout to get you a good deal on everything, and the volume to make it worth their while to play ball.

On-site Management

We’ll schedule your speakers, make sure you meet trade show requirements, coordinate your meals, transportation and vendors, and be on-site to troubleshoot when necessary.

Membership Database

Your delegates will feel taken care of in every way, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. We’ll keep them informed before, during and after the event.

Board Meeting Coordination

We’ll produce the necessary materials, set the itineraries, prepare your members for productive participation and make sure they show up on time and ready to contribute.

Minutes for Board Meeting

While you lead the meeting and drive the conversation, we’ll track everything that happens so you can focus 100% on addressing the concerns and have it all captured for your review.

Financial Management

At your event and beyond, we’ll make sure you’re never wasting money superfluously. We’ll track your P&Ls for events, quarters and fiscal years so you can focus on converting.

Payment of Expenses

The easiest way to maintain a strong reputation is to pay what you owe when you owe it. We’ll make sure you never miss a deadline.

Financial Accounting

Our accountants are affordable, thorough and know every loophole in the book. You’ll save money working with us, and make money because you work with us.

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